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If you'd like to become a member please download and fill out the following forms and bring them to one of the meetings.
  1. Include $25.00 for annual dues. Please make checks payable to: Cape Fear Surf Club.
  2. Complete and sign the UNCW Participation Agreement.
  3. Pass the 200-meter swim test and 10-minute water treading exercise. This is a university-mandated requirement which you need to complete at Trask Natatorium. A lifeguard is on duty and will document your completion of this test.
  4. Join the UNCW Surf Club listserv - all official club email is distributed through the listserv.

  5. Optional: Join Surfrider either at the national, Cape Fear, or UNCW-levels. Student membership at the national level is $15.00 while local and UNCW participation is free. This is a great opportunity to preserve the coastal environment and educate others about the oceans.
Officers 20132014: Important Documents and Other Stuff:

President: Alek Rockrise (abr4778)
Vice President:
Sal Serpe
Treasurer: Alexis Goss
Josh Albert
Team Captain: Nick Rupp

     arrow. Constitution of the UNCW Surf Club
     arrow. UNCW Sports Club Homepage (includes forms, manuals, etc.)
     arrow. UNCW Student Handbook/Code of Student Life
     arrow. UNCW Academic Calendar
     arrow. National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA)

Advisors and Student Organization Coordinators:
Peter Fritzler, Faculty Advisor
9109627807, fritzlerp@uncw.edu

Dr. Dylan McNamara, Team Coach
910–962–2588, mcnamarad@uncw.edu

Brian Stelzer, Coordinator of Competitive Sports / Sport Clubs
9109627758, stelzerb@uncw.edu 

Nicol Fedders, Assistant Director / Campus Activities
9109627601, feddersn@uncw.edu 


About the UNCW Surf Club:
With its earliest foundations dating back to 1977, the UNCW Surf Club is a young and rising organization since its recent renewal in 2001. The purpose of the UNCW Surf Club is to provide a a surf-oriented, recreational, instructional, competitive, and conservation-minded organization for current UNCW students, faculty, and staff. For more information on the history of the Surf Club, please see the Club's history page.

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