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Donate to the UNCW Surf Club:

While not recognized as a varsity sport at UNCW, surfing is perhaps one of the most significant reasons that student surfers choose UNCW as their college of choice. With outstanding academic programs that continuously rank high in their disciplines, individuals recognize that they can receive a quality educational experience at UNCW while also having access to good waves.
Many student surfers who attend UNCW also join the Surf Club and participate in social, environmental, and competitive activities that the club offers. However, the financial health of the Surf Club is dependent on member fees and a small university-allocated budget. Given these expenses, the competitive success of the UNCW Surf Club’s team relies largely on financial contributions that help the team offset registration and travel costs.
If you are interested in donating to the UNCW Surf Club’s team, or to the Club in general, please contact Dr. Dylan McNamara or Peter Fritzler. We’ll be happy to talk with you regarding donations.

Dr. Dylan McNamara, Team Coach
Ph: 910–962–2588  |  Email: mcnamarad@uncw.edu

Peter Fritzler, Faculty Advisor
Ph: 9109627807  |  fritzlerp@uncw.edu


About the UNCW Surf Club:
With its earliest foundations dating back to 1977, the UNCW Surf Club is a young and rising organization since its recent renewal in 2001. The purpose of the UNCW Surf Club is to provide a a surf-oriented, recreational, instructional, competitive, and conservation-minded organization for current UNCW students, faculty, and staff. For more information on the history of the Surf Club, please see the Club's history page.

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