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Opportunities: What Can I Do with English?

The question really is: what can't you do? An education in English is an education in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and engaged composition. English as a department comprises many academic categories, and offers many opportunities for personal and professional development. Consider the following resources:

What Does English Do For Me?

The popular misconception has always been that English is primarily for those who wish to teach; however, many opportunities arise for those who study English. The majority of the world uses English to communicate in writing and speech, particularly in the business sector. For further information, check out the following departmental guide (pdf), or read below:

Studying English contributes to…

What Kinds of Jobs Can I Get?

Tons! Think of how many jobs use many of the above skills. Consider the benefits of technical writing or professional translation. You might also be interested in: 

Is a PhD a Good Option? (Return to Top)

That depends on what you are aiming to do. Different education levels open up different jobs and pay grades; however, many non-academic jobs do not necessarily require a PhD.

A Master’s degree on the other hand, opens up a wide variety of jobs, frequently offers a higher pay grade, and is often required by professional writers.

If you strongly desire a PhD, you probably shouldn't be dissuaded; more PhD information can be found here.


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