SCEC Membership Information

Who Should Join SCEC?

Membership in SCEC is in no way limited to special education or general education majors. We encourage anyone with an interest in learning about students with exceptionalities and participating in rewarding community service events to become a member of SCEC. The information gained about individuals with exceptionalities through membership in SCEC is useful and applicable to many fields including psychology, sociology, nursing, recreation, physical therapy, business, politics, education, and law.

How do I Become a Member of SCEC?

SCEC does not require dues of any kind and we invite new members to join at any time during the year by contacting one of the officers (link). Include your name and e-mail address so we can notify you of upcoming events. If you are not sure if SCEC is for you, feel free to contact any of the officers for more information or attend one of the events (link) listed in the calendar to get a better feel for what we’re all about.

Benefits of Becoming a Member of SCEC

SCEC provides excellent opportunities for community service and leadership skills. The knowledge gained through working with persons with exceptionalities is invaluable as new interventions and adaptations allow them greater participation in everyday life. There is an ever increasing likelihood that you will encounter such persons as they achieve greater access to the community. The activities in which SCEC members participate provide opportunities to learn how to work with special populations. Many find working with persons with exceptionalities very rewarding and heart-warming, as they are often delighted that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to be a part of their lives.

Persons with exceptionalities have historically been treated disrespectfully and sometimes inhumanely. Members of SCEC gain knowledge through experience that contradicts the stereotypes typically associated with special populations. The more willing people are to participate in the lives of persons with exceptionalities, the more knowledge we gain in advancing their future.