A group picture of the NRHH Psi Phi chapter members spring 2015


Don't Forget that OTMs are DUE the 1st of EVERY Month!


Congratulations to the December 2015 OTM Winners!

Faculty/ Staff (Residence Life)

Danny Hall


Karli Wilson


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NRHH Psi Phi would like to congratulate Graham-Hewlett resident assistant Chris Livernois for his outstanding national Of the Month Award (OTM) for Karli Wilson.

National Residence Hall Honorary

The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is a service of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH). A main component of NRHH is to provide recognition, at the campus, state, regional, and national level to students. NRHH also encourages students’ involvement in the residence halls through community service, leadership, social, and educational programs. NRHH is comprised of the top one percent of student leaders who live on campus. At UNC Wilmington our chapter of NRHH is known as the Psi Phi chapter and is made up of 41 student leaders who work to promote the values of the organization.

NRHH is an organization for student leaders who go above and beyond in their residential communities. Members of NRHH come together to recognize hard working individuals in all aspects of the community so their dedicated work never goes unnoticed. The Psi Phi chapter strives to create a fun and creative atmosphere to acknowledge each other and others across campus for their magnificent contribution to making UNC Wilmington campus so great.

To be a member of the top 1% of student leaders who live on campus is a great honor. Though not everyone can be a member, we do however encourage everyone to be involved with NRHH. This can be achieved by volunteering in one of our many service opportunities or attending a National Residence Hall Honorary sponsored event. Students may also recognize others through the process of submitting Of the Months, or OTMs.

NRHH is a national organization that continuously recognizes leaders and is always expanding. Though it only accepts the top 1% of student leaders on campus, which in our chapter is a total of 41 people, NRHH encourages everyone to apply to be a member in the fall and spring semesters to start your National Residence Hall Honorary adventure today. If you do not get in the first time, NRHH encourages you to try again, and to stay involved in the UNC Wilmington community.


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